Editor’s Letter

I hope that you are all staying safe in these modern times. 2020 is the year that we all hope goes away quickly!

Pandemic has affected the world. Some countries are doing better than others. But human nature is tempting us all to go back to some sense of normalcy. This has recently caused alarming outbreaks in Italy’s touristic areas after the country did so well in containing the virus.

The wine industry is experiencing double-digit sales increases with retailers and online sales. However, smaller boutique producers are stymied because visitation to their tasting rooms has been limited or prohibited during the ordinarily busy season in Wine Country.

Hotels, Airlines, and Restaurants are impacted very severely. Local restaurants are the backbone of every community. We need to support them and their employees. If only everyone would take the Pandemic seriously, we can all get back sooner. I believe that we can all do this!

I long for the time that we can travel globally again. This week, I revised my review of a Royal Caribbean Cruise from Venice to Greece. I have to admit that reminiscing about this fabulous one-week experience riled up my juices. I am seriously considering reliving that fun in 2021.

Read the article herehttps://winecountryinternational.com/2020/08/travel-log/

Until we have a vaccine, life will remain different than before. Virtual Tastings are now the craze! Some are done better than others. While Wine.com’s tasting of Tuscany’s IlPalagio wines hosted “live” by proprietors Sting and his wife Trudy. They offer a premium and bucket list experience for $89 price of the three featured wines.

While large gatherings, concerts, tradeshows, and wine festivals are mostly postponed until 2021, we can still live life safely and deliciously.


Christopher J. Davies