Book Reviews-April 2021, Part 1

Book Reviews-April 2021, Part 1

The French Laundry, Per Se
Thomas Keller
Artisan Books, Hardcover 400 pages, $75
ISBN: 9781579658496

Thomas Keller worked on this book for more than two years. He completed the text in the middle of the Pandemic. While this book is, in fact, a cookbook, it covers the history of two premier fine dining restaurants in Keller’s empire.

This book includes very intriguing historical timelines and precise information on how Chef Keller painstakingly creates his fabulous epicurean delights. While many a home cook can use these recipes to create unique dishes for family friends, readers will respect the intricate number of steps that Chef Keller takes in making his starred cuisine.

Chef Keller could not reach his astounding success without the help of his team of culinary professionals. It is enlightening to read their interviews and perspectives in the book.

I love that courses section of this book.

The reader can reference the book to select recipes for Canapes, Firsts, Vegetables, Fish, Meat, and Desserts. Many of these dishes will require many ingredients, some that are unique and difficult to acquire. Luckily, Chef Keller has included a section at the back titled “sources.”

This book is the ideal book for any aspiring chef or foodie. The photography is razor-sharp and mouth-watering. This book will be a staple of inspiration in every recipient’s kitchen for decades to come.