World Travel, An Irreverent Guide

World Travel, An Irreverent Guide

In Review:
By Anthony Bourdain and Laurie Woolever
ISBN: 9780062802798
ISBN 10: 0062802798
6×9 Softcover, 480 pages, $35.00 ****

It is hard to believe that Anthony Bourdain left this world three years ago next week. Although by his own choice, I doubt that he would have known how much his absence has left a hole in many friends’ and fan’s hearts. Many foodies and world travelers stayed glued in their seats watching No Reservations and Parts Unknown on TV. 

This book was only in the planning stages when Tony passed on. Luckily, Laurie Woolever, his assistant “Lieutenant,” had been involved for over a year in the planning and collaboration for this book. 

No one has traveled the globe as extensively as Anthony Bourdain. His insights and experience offer valuable information for planning your trip to faraway lands. The chapters have been split into 43 parts (including numerous states within the US). 

The chapters include Bourdain’s tips on local cuisine and restaurants that are off the beaten path. 

Ms. Woolever referenced many of Bourdain’s thousands of hours of video footage to extract his witty and sarcastic take on the world around him. If you like to travel and cuisine, buy this book as your reference to the world yonder. It is your chance to walk on the same pathways that Tony did.