Le Gratin by Daniel Boulud

Le Gratin by Daniel Boulud

Story by Christopher J Davies
Photos © by  Bill Milne

Le Gratin Interior
Le Gratin Interior

Chef Daniel Boulud is like the energizer bunny of restauranteurs. His latest edition, Le Gratin, brings you back to his home city in Lyon without the cost of an airline ticket. For fans of Anthony Bourdain and CNN’s “Parts Unknown”, you might remember the episode where Chef Daniel and Tony travel to Lyon to visit French Chef Luminary Paul Bocuse. They also visit Daniel’s parents at the chef’s childhood home. Bourdain claimed that this episode was the best “foodie” show of the series. Lyon is revered as one of France’s most epic culinary hot spots.

Le Gratin Gratin Dauphinois
Le Gratin Gratin Dauphinois

Le Gratin is a small, usually crowded restaurant in the trendy Beekman Hotel in lower Manhattan. The menu is authentic as you can get. Fresh oysters, Moules Frites, Steak Frites, Steak Tartar, Escargot, Pan Seared Dover Sole, Capers-Lemon Brown Butter, Roasted Malard Duck Breast, traditional Bouillabaisse in Saffron broth, to name a few. A must-order is Chef Daniel’s Mothers Potatoes Cheesy Au Gratin.

The wine list had many value-priced bottles ($60-75 price range) and higher-level classic fine wines. Save room for the delectable desserts if you can. The servers and managers were very attentive and accommodating.

Reservations required!

Le Gratin

5 Beekman Street
New York, NY 10038
(Entrance on the corner of Beekman and Nassau at The Beekman hotel)

Tel. 212 597-9020


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