In Memoriam

In Memoriam

Viktoria (Vika) Zamchenko (34)
Ukrainian Wine Professional 
Sommelier at the Goodwine Shop, Kiev
WSET Level 3

It is with deep sadness that we write that a Ukrainian wine industry professional has died because of Putin’s war. Vika, her child, and her husband died from a drone strike targeting Ukrainian civilians.

Vika Zamchenko was a shining light in the Ukrainian wine industry. She had a wonderful life in front of her. She was six months pregnant with her first child. Vika and her husband were killed in their home on Zhylianska Street in Kyiv, after it was hit by a Russian drone on October 17, 2022.

Vika joined the team at the Goodwine store in Kyiv six years ago. She was their only female employee and was well-respected by her customers and colleagues. She learned to speak English and received her WSET level 3 diploma. Her dream was to progress to become Ukraine’s first female Master of Wine. 

She attended several wine expositions, including ProWein and VinItaly try to expand her wine knowledge. Her colleagues explained, “We were with her at ProWein, drinking Grüners and Rieslings at Lucas Pichler and Roman Horvat’s in the Wachau, Sangiovese in the heart of Tuscany at Castellare di Castellina, eating pizza by the sea after tasting with Cinzia Merli from Le Machhiole in Bolgheri, oysters in Arcachon after a fantastic trip with Ulysse Casabone”.

She adored robust and classic wines with potential. Just like she was. 

After the start of the war, Vika left with her husband, Bohdan, to visit her parents in Rivne. But she wanted to return to Kyiv. So, she came back, and now life was with an even brighter future — she and Bohdan were expecting a baby.  

“We discussed with her that she would work until mid-December, but she felt embarrassed that she would not be able to help our team in full during The New Year holidays. Vika was always strong and repeated the phrase: “You need to feel less sorry for yourself.” Stated her colleague, Roman Remeev. 

This is a perfect example of why Putin’s war is so wrong and unnecessary. We hope and pray that this will soon end.