Casa Obsidiana

Casa Obsidiana

An ultra-premium Tequila with a vinous connection

Story by Christopher J Davies, photos supplied by Casa Obsidiana

Casa Obsidiana
Casa Obsidiana

A new tequila brand launches every three days. Many launches are driven by wealthy individuals, athletes, and motion picture stars. Some are good, even great, but many are subpar and get by, masked as the main ingredient in a margarita.

Casa Obsidiana is different. This is a sipping tequila. The bottles and packaging are over the top and extraordinary. Simply put, this tequila has been done right. Co-founder and vintner Jean-Charles Boisset's vast experience producing premium quality wines in Napa and Burgundy sets the bar for the products. They have not taken any shortcuts. They have waited patiently and invested the time required to produce high-quality tequila.

Jean-Charles Boisset + Jorge Beckmann Gonzalez
Jean-Charles Boisset + Jorge Beckmann Gonzalez

The Boisset family has partnered with the Beckmann Gonzalez Family of Jalisco, who run Tierra de Agaves. Co-founders Jorge and Roberto Beckmann hail from a family with over 260 years of tequila-making experience. They have brought on industry veteran and Master Tequilero Francesco Quijana to head up production.


Casa Obsidiana's tequila is intriguing because they barrel finish their tequila to impart exciting new layers of flavors. This practice has become very popular in the production of whiskey. This unique collection of ultra-premium, small-batch tequilas is aged in French oak wine barrels that once held Napa Valley Chardonnay. The hand-crafted ceramic bottles are ideal for art enthusiasts and can be saved for continual reuse after the tequila is gone. Casa Obsidiana pays tribute to the obsidian stone found within the volcanic earth where the agave plants are grown.

Casa Obsidiana tequilas are crafted near the base of the Volcán de Tequila, an extinct stratovolcano. They use 100% Blue Webber agave from multiple terroirs within the Beckmann Gonzales estates.

"We are thrilled to partner with the Boisset team on a spirit that infuses old-world values of tequila with new-world, innovative finishing methods to produce a truly one-of-a-kind authentic tequila," says Roberto Beckmann, Co-founder of Casa Obsidiana. "Our goal is to bring forth a tequila that embodies everything that a modern Mexico represents - art, culture, architecture, and a certain 'modo de vivir.' With the expertise of Francisco, Casa Obsidiana stands alone."

Jean-Charles Boisset
Jean-Charles Boisset

While several media outlets have picked up the press release, I am fortunate that our team could taste and rate Casa Obsidiana's tequilas in November at the Tequila Mezcal Challenge.

The points and tasting notes came from our competition judges' evaluations.

Casa Obsidiana Blanco - 87 points, $190
Bottle shape: Coa, inspired by the agave pina, or the core of the agave plant.
Aging: The youngest expression is aged for 16 days.
Tasting notes: Sweet cream, cedar, caramel, clean mint finish.

Casa Obsidiana Reposado-86 points, $250
Bottle shape: Inspired by water's fluid movement with a color like Blue Webber agave.
Aging: Four months
Tasting notes: High vanilla, sweet cream with a heavy nose. Bounces from mint to a sweet vanilla finish.

Casa Obsidiana Añejo-91 points, $330
Bottle shape: An ode to Mexican cubism, the bottle's rich red color represents the volcanic iron-rich earth of the estate's agave fields.
Aging: Fifteen months.
Tasting notes: Roasted agave, oregano, pepper, clove with cinnamon.

Casa Obsidiana Tequilas are well-made and make the perfect gift for the discriminating tequila lover. The products are not available nationally. For orders, visit: