Eimverk Distillery, Iceland

Eimverk Distillery, Iceland

Last month we spent 72 hours in Iceland on our return trip to Denver from Glasgow. We visited the Blue Lagoon, The Geyser, and Iceland’s capital, Reykjavik. This place is a photographer’s dream; just stunning. We loved our Saga Business Class seats and service. The Saga Lounge was stocked with delicious foods, wines, and spirits! Walking through the duty-free shop, we came across Flóki Icelandic Single Malt Whisky.

We reached out to the distillery upon our return. They generously sent us samples of their single-malt whisky. Our senior judges Jonathan Odde and Nicolas Post joined me for a tasting.

Flóki Icelandic Single Malt Whisky 87 points

A young, malty whisky with bright green grass and earthy tones. A very smooth whisky with a nice texture and excellent mouth feel.

Flóki Icelandic Single Malt Whisky Sheep Dung Smoked 92 points

An exciting whisky in a good way. Sweet and smoky aromas with an intense nose. Lovely tones and cinnamon flavors. It did not taste as expected. It tasted better and seemed to benefit from age.

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